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Way Too Tuft

WAVY DNA Key Chain

WAVY DNA Key Chain

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Introducing our Wavy DNA Key Chain, a stylish symbol of unity inspired by ocean waves and the fact that we're all mostly made of water. Join the Wave today to carry a reminder of connection and positivity wherever your journey takes you!

  • WAVY DNA Key Chain features an original ocean wave flowing through a human fingerprint with a durable metal ring and chain. Note: the PVC logo is fixed to the metal chain and cannot be detached
  • Use as a key chain or bag charm – The metal ring attaches simply and securely to keys, backpacks and more
  • This key chain measures over 2.5 in. (6.3 cm) long and makes a fun little gift for kids or any fan of Way Too Tuft that want to stay connected with The Wavy Community worldwide!
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